Thoughts on month of Ghost

It is weird to write something in English, especially sharing something personally haha. But I have promised to a friend and now trying to do it, for the very first time 🙂

During the conversation with him, I knew that one of our friends said goodbye to boyfriend after 7 (or 6?) years together. It is so scary for me this month (tháng cô hồn haha) to hear the news that a lot of couples I know are breaking up and some of them are close to me. This is the reason why I decided to shed some thoughts on this topic because I feel that some people are so easy to let go of the relationship that they build for years.
I really understand how it is, maybe the spark dies and couple gets so much comfortable. Doing extra special things becomes an ancient deed. It becomes prosaic, then boring, then a monotonous cycle. It doesn’t have to be like that or maybe I am just hopeless romatic that all I can see is only flowers, sunshine and rainbows. Maybe I am too optimistit??? I do not know.
I am not an expert in relationship nor I have too many relationship under my belt, but one thing I do know is how to love unconditionally. It is something so sacred and special. When you have something that important the tendency is you will take care of it with all your heart and all your might. No amount of hardship will make you falter, and with all of that in mind, why are there a lot of failed relationships? Why people go into a relationship that they know it will not work. Is it a trial and error?
Human being is deeply curious, it’s innate to our genetic. I must say it is a mystery. New things make us excited, it gives as a sense of deep pleasure. So it’s easy to say that if someone else gives you special attention, made you feel extra special that you haven’t felt for a long time, our proclivity is to go in that direction and look for and that is the problem with us. We are so high that we already forgot the person you once said was the most important in your life. The one person you saw unconditional love. The person who loved you at your worst, who along with you via all the hardships, who know you better than yourself and prioritize you than anyone.
It is so simple to let go. It is so so simple to restart but always remember why you love them in the first place.
Sunday night!
A different Phong

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on month of Ghost”

  1. a month of WANDERING GHOST?
    It is weird FOR ME to write in English, especially ABOUT something PERSONAL, BUT I PROMISED to a friend TO TRY TO DO it AT LEAST ONCe.
    …said goodbye to HIS/HER boyfriend… so scary for me this month TO KNOW a lot of couples who are close to me HAVE BROKEN UP. this is….to let go the relationship THEY HAVE BUILT for years.
    … I really…It doesn’t… maybe I am just HOPELESSLY ROMANTIC… OPTIMISTIC.
    I am not an expert in ROMANCE…
    A different Phong. (with period and the end, please)

  2. Breaking up is not always due to a third person. It can be many third people :)) or just no one else but the main two people of the relationship.
    To me you’re still a bit naive (not really optimistic) about this ‘breaking up’ things. Being ‘in a relationship’ is a special kind of experience.
    On the bright side of breaking up, somebody has got a new chance to find a better opportunity. Have you met Duy’s new date? He seems more in control with the new relationship and the new partner seems to need him more than the previous one did. He created a whole photo album named “NOW YOU SEE ME” probably to remind his ex: “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”.

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